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Tequila Poker Overview & Guide for New Players

iPhone online tequila poker is an incredibly fun card game that blends the popular games of blackjack and five card poker into a thrilling version of both worlds. Originating in 2005, tequila poker has become quite a popular game and a firm favourite among casino card game fans.

When you play iPhone online tequila poker you do not play against other players or the dealer, it is only your hand that counts. Once you have made your ante bet, four cards are dealt to you face up, you will then need to decide, based on those four cards, if you wish to play a poker hand or a point hand.

The poker hand which is called tequila poker is based on the value of the usual five card poker game and the point hand known as high tequila is based on the points that the cards total.

The points need to value forty six or higher to win so it is wise to discard the lowest value cards to keep the points high. Once you have decided which of the two hands you wish to play, another two cards will be dealt and you will then make the best hand you can with five of the cards available and the other two cards will have to be discarded.

Playing Tequila Poker on your iPhone

The iPhone is one of the worlds most sought after devices, boasting sophisticated and innovative technology that sets this device apart from the rest. The world class features of the iPhone makes playing iPhone online tequila poker an incredibly rewarding experience.

The quality of the vivid graphics and other amazing game features are enhanced tremendously by the iPhone’s capabilities and you can be sure to enjoy smooth navigations and fast loading times. Mobile technology allows you to take your tequila poker game with you and play no matter where you are.

If you have an internet connection and battery power you have increased chances of winning real money since you can play iPhone online tequila poker at any time and any place you wish.

Safe Environment to Enjoy Tequila Poker

Playing iPhone online tequila poker through a safe and reputable site is key to the utmost enjoyable and secure experience. There are a number of brilliantly secure applications to download onto your iPhone that offer incredibly safe protection on all your funds and personal details along with smooth and convenient banking methods. Fast pay outs can be expected when you use only the best online casino NZ has on offer.

iPhone online tequila poker can be played directly through the casino in the iPhone’s web browser which will be just as safe as long as you use one of the best trusted sites.

These sites have free play versions for those who wish to give the game a go before making any real money deposits, this is a fantastic opportunity to master your tequila poker skills and if you need any help while you learn, you will find a wealth of information on the rules to guide you along.

There is absolutely no reason to not start playing this exciting game on your iPhone for optimal pleasure and chances of real money wins while having an extraordinary amount of fun.

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