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Jacks or Better Multiplayer Option

Online video poker, a game with the straightforwardness of online slots mingled with the game plan of poker, is becoming an increasingly popular casino attraction. Beginning with a bang in the 70s, video poker became a seriously popular form of entertainment in casinos around the world almost immediately.

The advent of the internet and an online environment ideally suited to video poker game play has understandably seen it blossom as both an online and mobile casino game. Now, with the capability of mobile devices and continued app development and software, video poker players can enjoy multiplayer games from anywhere and at any time.

The Video Poker Standard

Jacks or Better is the gold standard of video poker games, and often referred to as the basic video poker game. Winning at the game starts with the achievement of a hand of poker containing a pair of Jacks or Better. The game played is 5-Card Stud draw poker. Five cards are dealt in the Jacks or Better game, and players select the cards they prefer to keep, based on their basic poker strategy, and they then request new cards.

The rejected cards are replaced, and the winning poker hands now held by any player is paid out. One of the characteristics of video poker has always been that it is an individual game, like slots play, where it is just one player against the machine. Online possibilities keep expanding, and the development of mobile apps has given casino players are swathe of fresh new options. One of these options is to expand upon the normal idea of video poker and facilitate games like Jacks or Better Multiplayer video poker.

Technological Capabilities Grow

As the online casino market grows, and players expect more from games, so too will the technology capable of delivering on these playing needs. The Jacks or Better Multiplayer option that is available is a perfect example of this.

App development has revolutionised casino play, because not only does it provide a smooth game play forum for enjoying this form of virtual entertainment, it also allows for social interactions and being able to hang out with like-minded people. This means that as interactions grow between the casinos and the players themselves, more and more online capabilities are making themselves felt. In many ways casino play online has evolved to be much more like the original land-based casino games than ever before.

New Game Play Options

As the fan following behind video poker’s top games like Jacks or Better grows and new options like being able to play Jacks or Better Multiplayer take off, bigger casino game designers are creating interesting and fresh new releases of the game. Each of these is aimed at being a unique experience and offers players completely different ways of winning the lucrative jackpots available. Jacks or better Multiplayer enables several players to play this video poker games at the same time, taking the socially interactive capabilities of the internet to new levels.

Taking a fast paced game of Draw, or 5-Card Stud poker, in video poker format, into an environment with multiplayer capabilities has created an exciting and novel variation on the standard Jacks or Better game.

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