Jacks or Better

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The Great Jacks or Better Game

Jacks or Better is a video poker game, and perhaps one of the best known in this range of casino games. Video poker is a relatively recent addition casino gameplay, becoming popular first in the early 1980’s.

The game of Jacks or Better will be part of any video poker suite of games, often offered alongside a range of video slot machines. Video poker operates on the same software technology that is found in the range of slot machines and arcade games. The nature of the game of video poker, and its popularity means that quintessential games such as Jacks or Better are found in casinos around the globe. Jacks or Better is simple to learn, yet offers players fair and comparatively high odds if basic poker strategy is used.

Game Details are Clear

Jacks or Better is a straight-forward video poker game version of Draw Poker. Identically to Draw Poker, cards are dealt and any rejected cards replaced with new ones. In Jacks or Better, players are dealt five cards in their hand. As a player, you then select the cards you wish to keep. You can keep all, or none at all. After replacing the rejected cards, the game then evaluates the poker hand that has been made, and pays out any winnings accordingly.

Playing and Winning at Jacks or Better

The Jacks or Better video poker game, as the name implies, pays out on all poker hands from a pair of Jacks upwards. The top hand, as with Draw Poker, is a Royal Flush, which pays out at 250:1 odds. The hand rankings and their pay-outs on Jacks or Better, start with a pair of Jacks at a 1:1 pay-out. Three of a kind is rewarded with a 3:1 pay-out and a Flush pays 6:1. With a Full House at 9:1 and Four of a Kind at 25:1, poker aficionados will appreciate their chances. Video poker, as a casino game category, is recognised for having some of the best odds for players.

From a statistical standpoint, players have the best chance of winning at Jacks or Better video poker if they play with 5 credits staked on each hand. Between one and four credits provides a theoretical return to players of 98.4% provided players use perfect basic poker strategy. Playing 5 credits has a theoretical return to player of 99.5% under the same conditions.

Video Poker Game Strategy

Video Poker is an extremely popular slots game played with poker cards and a poker pay-out strategy. Jacks or Better is a leading example of the core video poker game that requires the use of a basic strategic element to be implemented by the player. This is essential to maximizing the odds in their favour and achieving the best possible return on the game. The game of Jacks or Better has its own strategy sheet, which, for players who want to win consistently at the game, needs to be known and implemented. Players can learn the proper moves for every scenario, and how to optimise the odds for every dealt hand. Played correctly, Jack or Better has an extremely high return to player.

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