Deuces Wild

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Four Jokers Create More Deuces Wild Wins

Deuces Wild is a traditional Video Poker title, in that it does not require the player to beat another hand, not even the dealer’s, to score a win according to the pay table. It’s a classic Video Poker variation, in that it speeds up play and removes the need to bet against any other players, but the addition of four Jokers to the game play makes it easier to score combos that deliver handsome wins.

These Jokers are in fact the four Deuces, which can substitute for any other cards to create winning combinations. Apart from that, the game is played on a standard 52-card deck, with the winning combinations ranked in the usual Poker order. The simple format results in an equally simple layout on the gaming screen; one of the attractions of Deuces Wild is the fast, intuitive play that it makes possible.

Standard Video Poker Playing Format        


Deuces Wild is laid out in a traditional Video Poker format. The playing controls are at the bottom of the screen, the pay table takes up the top half, and in between these two areas, the player’s five cards are displayed. The player must first decide on the bet level, as this can be varied from 0.05 to 25.00 in the appropriate currency.

Once the player has placed a bet, they are dealt five cards. The player then decides which cards to hold, and which to discard and replace. Once they hit the Draw button, the new cards are dealt and the final hand assessed.

Wins Start at Three of a Kind

Because the Wild Deuces make more winning combinations possible, Deuces Wild starts paying out for the better-value Poker combinations only. Pairs and Two Pairs are useless to players; they need at least Three of a Kind to win a prize of 5 coins, if they are playing at maximum bet.

Thereafter, prizes increase according to the strength of the Poker hand. A Straight at maximum bet wins 10 coins, a Flush 15, a Full House or Four of a Kind wins 20, a Straight Flush 45, and Five of a Kind, which will include at least one Wild Deuce, wins 75 coins.

Wild Deuces Enhance Some Prizes

The addition of Wild Deuces makes it possible to score Royal Flushes that include one or more Wilds, and at maximum bet this hand wins players 125 coins. Four Deuces wins a bonus prize of 1,000 coins, and a natural Royal Flush, which includes no Wilds, wins the game’s top prize: 4,000 coins.

The combination of Wild cards and the Draw function gives a player more possibilities to consider during play. Because there are no opponents to beat, not even the dealer, winning combos are independent of actual card values; Four Threes pays the same as Four Aces, for example. Instead of holding onto high cards on the Draw automatically, therefore, players can assess the chances of making winning combos with lower-value cards, especially if Wild Deuces crop up on the initial deal.

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