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The All American Video Poker Difference

The All American video poker game is another popular game based on the standard Jacks or Better format. The interesting and different aspect to the All American game is the accent is on the top hands.

The odds are skewed to favour the flush, straight, straight flush, or four of a kind hands, and the odds on these hands are extremely favourable. This makes the All American video poker game one of the games with the highest returns to players. However, the fact that certain hands are so highly benefitted in terms of pay-out means that the playing strategy is different to standard video poker play, is slightly more complex and requires some understanding of the game of poker in order to master.

Practical Considerations and Odds

On a pragmatic basis, All American video poker is a casino game played between the player and the dealer only. The game is played with a standard deck of 52 cards, and five cards are dealt in the first hand. All American video poker is effectively a slots game played with poker cards and a poker pay-out strategy. There is a basic strategic element should be implemented by the player in order for them to maximize the odds in their favour and achieve the best possible return on the game.

The All American game has its own complete strategy sheet, and players aiming to make use of the extremely high top hands’ pay-out rates and win consistently at this game, it is important that they make use of the best moves for every hand dealt. This means that if players optimise the odds for every dealt hand, the result is an extremely high winning rate of well over 100%.

Making This Game Profitable

In All American video poker, the Jacks or better pair has the regular pay-out rate, but two pairs and three of a kind have a below par pay-out rate. The top hand, a royal flush, has an extremely high reward of 4000 coins for a 5 coin bet, which is far greater than the odds of hitting this combination and hence the calculation of a return to player that is greater than 100%. This does mean that players will need to emphasise and look for straights and flushes. Nevertheless, a top tip is never to break up a paying hand in favour of a straight or flush unless there are four Royal flush cards involved.

Playing All American Video Poker

As with all video poker games, All American starts with the player selecting the amount they wish to stake on the hand. This ranges from one to five coins. Once this, the ante, is decided, players click the Deal button and are dealt five cards. Players can then hold whichever cards they wish, and any cards selected will display the Held notification above the card.

As discussed, players should aim for straights and flushes rather than two pairs or three of a kind in All American video poker as this will maximise their chances and winnings. Players then click Deal a second time to be dealt new cards, replacing all the cards in their hand that were not held. As soon as the new cards are dealt, the player’s hand is compared to the pay-out list and rewards are credited for any winning hands.

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